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Animals & Pets
CPD Disclaimer
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One of the many responsibilities of the Department is animal control within the city limits of Craig.

Common animal complaints:

Dogs running at large
Dogs without city license tags
Animal abandonment
Dumpster diving black bears


When a domesticated animal is impounded, normally a dog, it will be housed at the Craig Animal Impound until the owner can be located or adopted to a new family. Unfortunately, we can only hold animals for a short time.

Please, if you have lost your dog, contact the Department immediately with a description of the dog and the dog's name.  Officers are patrolling night and day, and will keep an eye out for your pet.  If found, you will be contacted immediately to pick up your family pet.  Please do not wait several day to contact the Department - the sooner we know, the sooner we can start helping.


When an animal is impounded, it is available for adoption after a 24 hours period.  There is no cost for adoptions.  Anyone adopting a dog from the Department will be issued the first set of city dog tags FREE OF CHARGE.

If you are interested in adopting, please contact the department and let us know what type of dog you would be willing to adopt.  If the department impounds or rescues a dog of interest, we will contact you after the 24 hour period.
During the fall months (Sept - Nov) we see an invasion of black bears in the East Craig area and sometimes West Craig.  During these months, the bears are feeding and storing up for the long winter hibernation and will normally eat  "ANYTHING".  Goodies out of dumpsters and your trash can are the best!

If you start having problems with a black bear getting into your trash cans, please store your trash can in a garage or shed until the pickup day.  We have found that after a few days, the bear will not return.  By removing their food source, you reduce these nightly visits.  These are beautiful animals and no one enjoys seeing them destroyed. With your cooperation, we can reduce the fall bear problems in Craig.

For more information on Black Bears, click this link
Bald Eagles are a common sight on Prince of Wales Island and in Craig.  These are majestic birds; but annually we receive numerous calls into the Dispatch Center about people feeding them.  This is a problem we see more during the summer months - people with good intentions leaving fish carcasses out for the eagles to feed on.  Although this presents a great opportunity for picture taking, it is also illegal.  When the eagle sees the food, they will move in slowly, landing on telephone wires and transformers with high voltage. 

Injured Eagles are another common call we receive.  If you find an injured Bald Eagle, please do not touch it.  Call the Department or the U.S. Forest Service immediately.  Normally an eagle with a minor injury just needs some time to regroup, than it will fly off.

For more information about Bald Eagle, Click this link

7.02.050 Biting dogs.

A. Any dog which has twice (at any time in the
dog's history) engaged in biting any human beings
or kills animals, is hereby declared to be a nuisance,
and shall not be kept within the city. If any
such dog is found within the city, it shall be
impounded and disposed of as an unredeemed dog,
and the owner shall have no right to redeem such
dog. The method of disposal shall be the same as
that in CMC 7.04.060, for dogs impounded over
three days.
7.04.010 Running at large prohibited.
A. It is unlawful for the owner of any domestic
animal to allow the animal to run at large in the
city.(AS 34.50.020). [Ord. 245 § 4, 1985.]
7.04.020 Control of dogs.
It is unlawful for the owner or keeper of any
A. To permit a dog to run at large within the
city at any time;
B. To permit a dog to frequent public school
grounds during school hours:
C. To permit a dog in public parks except on a
leash and subject to all applicable rules and regulations
pertaining to the use of parks;
D. To permit a dog to enter a church, unless the
dog is a seeing eye dog assisting a vision-impaired
E. To permit a dog to enter a market or other
place where food is stored, prepared, served or sold
to the public, or any other public place or hall
(except for animal shows or other exhibition purposes,
veterinarians' offices, kennels, or places for
which the licensing official has issued a permit); or
F. To harbor or keep a barking dog, whose
barking, howling, or whining is audible to persons
on adjacent property, and such persons have made
an official complaint in writing.
7.01.020 Penalties

A. Except where a different penalty is specifically
prescribed, a violation of any provision of this
title shall be a noncriminal infraction, punishable
by a civil penalty of not less than $25.00 and not
more than $300.00 as further specified in subsection
(C) of this section.
B. If a violation continues, each day's violation
shall be deemed a separate violation.
C. The city, in enforcing this title, will utilize
written citations and a system of graduated penalties,
as follows:
1. For the first violation of any provision of
this title: $25.00 fine (court appearance not mandatory);
2. For the second violation of the same provision
of this title: $50.00 fine (court appearance
not mandatory);
3. For the third violation of the same provision
of this title: $100.00 fine (court appearance
not mandatory);
4. For the fourth (or subsequent) violation of
this title: $300.00 fine (court appearance mandatory).
7.06.010 Annual license required.
It is unlawful to keep or harbor a dog over six
months of age within the city limits unless a dog
license has been procured for the dog from the city.
[Ord. 245 § 4, 1985.]
7.08.010 Animal care.
It is unlawful for any person to:
A. Knowingly fail to provide an animal owned
or in the custody of such person with adequate food
and water and shelter sufficient to the animal's
needs. First offense is $50.00, second offense is
$100.00 and third offense is $300.00 (citation bailable).
B. Knowingly abandon an animal which is
owned or in the custody of such a person. First
offense is $50.00, second offense is $100.00 and
third offense is $300.00 (citation bailable).
C. Recklessly inflict severe and prolonged
physical pain or suffering on an animal. Minimum
fine of $100.00 and maximum of $300.00 depending
on the circumstances (mandatory court appearance).
D. Knowingly neglect an animal, thereby causing
death or severe pain or suffering to the animal.
Minimum fine of $100.00 and maximum of
$300.00 depending on the circumstances (mandatory
court appearance). [Ord. 383 § 5, 1994.]